DC Walton

DC WALTON is an Intuitive Strategist, Writer, Educator, and Researcher. Over the last twenty years working with both individuals and groups, she has helped her clients achieve success in business and the arts. Combining a classical education in psychology with extensive research and training in metaphysics, parapsychology and spirituality, DC has developed practical techniques to provide her clients with the tools they need to master life’s challenges and opportunities. An innovator in her field, by her continual research, she devises strategies and methods to help her clients transform their lives.

From working with Academy and Emmy Award winning actors, producers, directors, leading authors, songwriters, musicians, CEOs and successful entrepreneurs, DC has been able to identify patterns of success as well as those of failure. She then helps individuals and groups transform these patterns into strategies for effective action and resolution. DC’s specialization is managing the dynamics of interpersonal and professional relationships particularly in the areas of negotiation, conflict resolution, team building, and partnerships.

In partnership with Katina Demetra, she created Essential Intuition™ to provide individuals and groups with the tools they need to discover, transform, and own their intuitive abilities.

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