Essential Intuition™ Seminars

Essential Intuition™ Seminars are powerful two-hour, half-day, full-day, and weekend seminars.

Clients can select the entire series or customize their program by combining individual Seminars.

Each seminar is designed to provide the strategy and tools to empower ingenuity, flexibility, creativity, and innovation in pursuit of specific goals.

Accessing Your Intuition & Intuitive Decision-Making
Identify, strengthen, and develop your intuition and the tools for productive decision-making:

  • Identify how your intuition works and your unique intuitive style
  • Streamline decision-making when there are too many choices or too much information
  • Learn to trust your instincts
  • Discern the value of information
  • Increase your efficiency in prioritizing and delegation

Managing Others :: Strategies for Successfully Navigating Relationships
This Seminar addresses how your intuition works to assess people and determine their needs, motives, and defenses. Learn strategies to create and sustain successful professional relationships.

  • Enhance your instincts when evaluating others
  • Increase your efficiency in prioritizing and delegation
  • Learn to overcome deception and manipulation among peers
  • Stand your ground with demanding and dominating personalities
  • Successfully manage difficult personalities
  • Resolve confrontations productively

Body Intuition :: Focusing on Health, Reducing Stress, and Increasing Stamina
Body Intuition :: Intuitive Yoga and Meditation
Train to use your intuition successfully for self-care, stress management, and development of long-term health and quality of life.

  • Manage stress effectively
  • Identify the physical and psychological signs of stress
  • Recover time previously lost to illness, stress, and overwork
  • Develop preventative self-care programs

Defensive Intuition :: Protection, Shielding & Resolving Difficult Relationships
Learn how to use your intuition to protect yourself, assess people, figure out their motives, and feel in control of your relationships and surroundings.

  • Maintain effective boundaries
  • Trust your instincts when meeting new people
  • Assert yourself effectively around challenging personalities
  • Awareness of what to do when you are threatened

Nagging Inner Voice? Discerning Between Your Intuition and Your Fear
Learn to recognize the difference between your intuition and your obsessive ”inner critic” or fears. Access your intuition consistently to sustain clarity, support, and protection.

  • Know the difference between anxiety and intuition
  • Enhance your inner voice and quiet your inner critic
  • Calm your fears and obsessions with an empowered strategy for action
  • Recognize when a fear is genuine and an authentic warning

Career Transition Seminar :: Find Career Path You’re Meant to Follow
Achieve successful and empowering careers by using your intuition to identify your strengths, assess opportunities, and achieve your earning potential.

  • Recognize the signs for when a career change is necessary
  • Confidence in your instincts while making career decisions
  • Earn what you deserve doing what you love to do
  • Identify your strengths, talents, and potential
  • Create an action plan to pursue new career goals